Book Review: The Atlantis Prophecy by Thomas Greanias



An ancient organization more powerful than the federal government has targeted Washington. They’ll stop at nothing to destroy the republic and raise an empire.

Blurb: The adventure begins with a mysterious military burial at Arlington National Cemetery and a shocking legacy that has explosive implications for America’s existence. Archaeologist Conrad Yeats discovers in his father’s tombstone the key to a centuries-old warning built into the very design of Washington, D.C. Major monuments along the National Mall are astronomically aligned and are about to “lock” with the stars at a date foreseen by the Founding Fathers. Along with Serena Serghetti, a beautiful Vatican linguist with secrets of her own, Yeats explores the hidden world beneath the capital in a deadly race to save it. America has a date with destiny, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Dan Brown style Secret Societies & Conspiracy Theories:

If you like the Dan Brown style of writing, you will also like this trilogy. (All books are fine to read as stand alone stories) Masonic secrets, star charts, Mass infection from evil vaccines – supposedly for bird flu, Knights Templar, Church Vs State, and deep-state politics and subterfuge means a fast moving story.

Expect every chapter to have a cliffhanger, and every impossible situation to have a secret escape route. BAddies who turn out to be goodies, goodies who are really baddies, and a hint of alien DNA from Atlantis for good measure

Perfect Bedtime Reading

If you are a one chapter a night reader, this is a perfect book. Excitement in every chapter! Pick it up in the Bookshop, or phone us on 07737738018 and we will post you a copy. Or pop in from Tuesday to Saturday, 8am to 7pm

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Atlantis Prophecy by Thomas Greanias

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