Book Review: Tilda of Merjan by Katherine Hetzel



Tilda of Merjan is an adventure book about a girl who wants to find out about why the Mages didn’t save her Pa with ‘The Power’. These first few chapters make me feel sad and sympathetic for what Tilda has been through.


In the first few chapters we find out that Tilda is being sent to Ring Isle by her Ma. She goes with her Uncle to live with Tilda’s Aunt Tresa who lives in Ring Isle. I liked the characters in Tilda of Merjan because they all seem so different in there personality’s. This makes them all have different views on everything that has happened, for example Tilda wants to stay with Ma but Ma feels that the best way for them to survive is for Tilda to go and live with Tresa in Ring Isle. However Uncle Vanya doesn’t really mind going to Ring Isle because that’s where he lives. However this can be good because of Captain Abram having a nice relationship with Tilda. But can also seem to be a bad relationship like Tilda and Tresa.

The language used isn’t complicated but explains the story a lot better because teens can understand it better and they can also imagine it easier than a less interesting word. I am a 15-year-old boy who really enjoyed the first few chapters in this book and I think this book would be enjoyable for boys and girls aged around 10 to 16.

Jordan aged 15 years, Charnwood College, Loughborough

Review 2:

I have read the first few chapters and I found it very interesting. The description seems to pull you in, and you can imagine what’s happening, where they are and what they are doing very easily because of how well-written it is. In the first few chapter Tilda, who lives on the island of Merjan with her mum, her dad had died, and she became angry at the Mages because they didn’t use their Power to save her dad. She then goes to Ring isle with her Uncle so she can find out why they didn’t save him.

Tilda seems to be around the age of 15 to 18 as she is still living with her mum and she seems to become angry every time her dad is mentioned because she thinks it is the Mages faults that he had died because they didn’t save him. Her mum sounds like a young woman and she conveys the impression that she wants to keep her daughter away from the troubles she is having with debts and doesn’t want to worry her. Her uncle Vanya is a steward to the mage Silviu of Ambak, he takes Tilda in without hesitation and welcomes her into his home. Tilda’s aunt Tresa gives the impression that she is a very rash woman who does not enjoy having Vanya give her his problems without warning.

The description pulls you in as the vocabulary used it very innovative and very detailed. ‘A group of weary, sea-stained travelers shuffled slowly past’ is a good example as it doesn’t just tell you a group walked past but that they were ‘weary, sea stained travelers’ and they ‘shuffled slowly’. Another example is ‘the fish was showered in crystal droplets’; I like this because it is very specific imagery of the water and what it looked like.

Courtney age 15 years, Charnwood College, Loughborough

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Book Review Tilda of Merjan

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