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How to be one of our 'Meet the Authors'

You will have a table for your books and you can put up a banner outside or inside on the day, and a poster in the window for the month before. I do all the publicity and all you need to do is be available from Midday to 5pm. Bring books to sign and sell and all profits are yours. We don’t take anything – just the teas and cakes and the happy returning customers! You can park on the space behind the shop, so no carrying or walking and we provide you with free food and drinks during your time with us.

What We Need:

We ask for 2 signed copies for free – 1 for the shop and 1 to raffle for the local Dog Rescue. We also would like 1 of each of your books to display in the window for one month before you arrive, as many people look in our window when we are closed as well as when we are open. Pictures of them in the window will appear in our social media during the month before and you will get them all back when you arrive on the day.

Our address is: The Old Curiosity Bookshop, 115 Loughborough Road, HATHERN, LE12 5HZ. We’re on the main A6 road, 2 miles from Loughborough and 2 miles from Kegworth – M1 junction 24 from the North and junction 23 from the South.

How to Book:

1. Pick any Saturday to suit your diary.

2. Please fill out the enquiry form below.

3. Bring some books with you on the day that we can then sell in the bookshop after the event for people who may not be able to attend on the day. We will sort payment for these with you, on the day.

Any questions? Feel free to phone or email at any time.

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