Dark Is The Broken Heart by PJ Thorpe



Just published by Little Nell Publishing in the Bookshop, is a brand new Crime novel by Author PJ Thorpe, with the first book of his thrilling trilogy…

Here is a Review of the book written by Will Hayward:

Dark Is The Broken Heart is an intriguing and arresting read. Filled with beautiful and crackling prose that grips you from the first line and yet as strong as the prose is; it almost seems to pale in comparison to the character progression in the novel. You find yourself getting caught up with the characters almost as soon as they are introduced. Their personalities are so imprinted upon the pages you sometimes find yourself wondering if they really existed. Not being a crime lover myself, I ventured into reading this novel with a slight trepidation. But how grateful I am that I did.

My one qualm with crime thrillers is usually mixed feelings about clichéd plots, but I was surprised at how original this story was. In comparison to many modern crime thrillers, most of which just plod along mixing grotesque acts with bland writing, this book is a breath of fresh air. If you’re a fan of writers such as Raymond Chandler and Ross Macdonald as I am, you will love this book. Written with the same descriptive and deceptively simple style, P J Thorpe takes that style and crafts it into something that is not just new but something that completely captures the feeling of being English as well. You would be hard pressed to find a novel that takes English culture and uses it so effectively and portrays it so realistically. Sometimes perhaps you will become overwhelmed by the amount of times one-character calls another ‘Mate’, but realism is the key that makes this an exciting book. Without it, it would be stretching itself for greatness without ever reaching the summit. You can feel the grimy desperation and boredom that comes with English life. You can hear the slang and the kind of dialogue only someone from England would know. The book is as much of a love letter to that culture itself as it is to the time-honoured tradition of crime fiction.

Writers like Irving Welsh use their native dialect (in his case Scottish) to provide a welcome mat of sorts into the world of his books. Even if you are not from Scotland you can gather what it is like from his writing and the same goes for P J Thorpe. He uses the rough working-class style of English to portray where he is from, so even if you are not from there yourself, you can picture it and you can see yourself there. In the story. And isn’t that the power of every great writer?

Dark Is The Broken Heart is just part one of three novels and I myself cannot wait for the next one to hit the shelves. If you purchase than I can assure you reader, you will be as hungry for the next two as I am. I don’t know when they will be out, but a speeding train couldn’t stop me getting to the book shops when they do!

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Dark Is The Broken Heart by PJ Thorpe

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