Catherine Cookson Book Packs

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Catherine Cookson Book Packs

Three packs of paperbacks depicting social injustice, poverty, and triumph over adversity and deprivation, full of the feelings and emotions of family situations that happen to many ...

Pack 1

  1. The Man Who Cried - The power of true love
  2. The Dwelling Place - Family loyalty overcomes all struggles
  3. The Cinder Path - Is Charlie just a born loser? 
  4. The Nice Bloke - 5 minutes at the office party could cost his marriage & career..
  5. Colour Blind - How will the family react to their daughters mixed marriage.. 

Pack 2

  1. Pure As The Lily
  2. The Menagerie
  3. Fanny MCBride
  4. The Branded Man
  5. The Blind Miller

Pack 3

  1. The Upstart
  2. A Ruthless Need
  3. The Obsession
  4. The Bondage of Love
  5. The House of Women
  6. The Blind Miller

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"So glad I found you today and managed to also find a perfect gift for my lovely uncle on his 92nd birthday. I want to thank you for, well, just exisisting and doing what you obviously love doing. You provided what the town and city shops can't and I'm just so happy you do and will of course return soonest.- Paul in Scotland

"I just wanted to let you know that my son has received his gift pack in York and he was really touched! He loved the fact that thought had gone into it from both me and you so thank you very much." - Michelle in Shepshed.

"Books received by my mother thank you so much. She is so happy and it has calmed her down, she has been so hyper and anxious the last few days, but your magic has worked wonders. Thank you thank you thank you!" Carolyn in London

Good afternoon, this may be a little random, but I have had an experience due to your shop!
I popped in a couple of weeks ago and picked-up a book for my grandma related to WW1 and Castle Donington. Through her reading of the book, we discovered that it had some relatives in it. We found out more information about our family history and how they passed in the war. I used this information to undertake some online/Facebook research and I am now in contact with some Austrian relatives.
A 10-minute trip to you has led to a lot!

Sarah Hemsworth in Loughborough

"This fabulous bookshop is quirky, welcoming - an absolute treasure trove. The time's I've challenged the team to find a certain book for me and never have they let me down. Now when I go in they make suggestions of books they think I may enjoy and even keep books to one side for me if I'm not about for a day or two.

They also provide the most wonderful monthly subscription to my Mum - a cosy crime novel each month. As I live a good distance from her it's lovely to hear her excitement when she receives her book and to talk about what has been sent on the 'phone. A great gift thoughtfully delivered by an knowledgeable, wonderful team. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work! You are, without a doubt, my favourite shop in all the world! x" Rachel in Wales