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From 1st July to 13th July, we are supporting young people with work experience placements. They will be taking orders, preparing and serving customers while learning about valuing books, selling online and running their own business with its many unseen tasks.

What we they learn?

Business Ideology – Target Markets- Who are they? What do they want? What do they NOT want?

Food Service Sourcing – Buying, Storing, Prep, Dates Use by and Best Before, Stock rotation, Fridge Temperature checks, Recording write offs/ deliveries/ defrost, Display, Menu choices

Bookshop- Tour and subject areas, Stock rooms, Sourcing methods, Book valuation, Listing online, Dispatch of online sales, Packaging methods , Auction process, Display shelves, Window display

Events- Meet the Author, Meet the Artist, Event Diary planning, Publicity, what, how, when, Managing the event

Bookings & Tea Room Events – Reservations, Hen Parties, Afternoon Teas, Baby Showers, Reading Groups, Private Parties

Tea Room- Theme and decor, Tablecloths and napkins, Floor hygiene, Dusting, Outside Tables, care of cutlery and china, Recycling and rubbish

Outside Areas – care of Picnic tables, Parasols, Flowers, Grass, Pathways, Steps, Carpark, Disabled access, windows

Publicity and Marketing – Swingboard, Windows, Website, Trip Advisor, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Prizes, Sponsoring events, Magazines and advertising

Chat with them

Please talk to them about and encourage them in their learning. We are not allowed to pay them, but all tips during those 2 weeks (which normally go to the local Dog Rescue) will be divided up between the students as a thank you gift.

To Get a Placement Next Year, Contact us here:

Tel: 0773 773 8018

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