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Launching on Tuesday 27th August 2019 on RADIO LEICESTER with a live interview from Stuart between 9am and 10am

This is the most hard-hitting, true story of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery you will ever read. Told in poems by an addict who was on the point of death, through his treatment and recovery process and into a new life.

Who should read this book?

Anyone with any kind of addiction problem, their friends and family and all the Charities and Services who are there to help. Drug & Alcohol teams, Police & Prison Officers, GPs, Clinic & A&E staff, Paramedics, & Ambulance Crews.

Buy copies here: The Recovery Poet Coffee & Cake

“Substances promised to help me escape from the things I suffered as a child, substances promised to comfort me in times of hurt and pain, they promised to help me forget life, BUT THEY LIED AND THEY NEVER SHOWED ME THE COST, FOR ALL THE TEMPORARY COMFORT THEY WOULD BRING. Addiction had ruled my life and through the denial and the walls I put up, I lost everything. It cost me, my wife, my son, my home and job and almost my life, but my addictions also had a terrible cost to my loved ones. Today I live an abstinence-based lifestyle and I am handling life on life’s terms. This book of poems depicts and informs you of how I have come to this place in my life today.”

The title ‘Coffee and cake’ is how recovering addicts live their new life, meeting friends and support workers in café’s and coffee bars, instead of their previous haunts of pubs and drug dens.

Tina at The Old Curiosity Bookshop, has been working with Stuart to publish his second book in time for his ‘4 years dry’ Certificate. As a previous Drugs & Alcohol Team Manager at Reading Unitary Council and at Wokingham Unitary Council, Tina says: “This book is a valuable training tool for staff working in the Health and Social Care sector, the Community Safety Teams and the Custody Suite Officers, who have face to face contact with people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction every day on our streets and in our town centres. It will help them to understand their state of mind, their patterns of behaviour and their limitations.”

Stuart is now dedicating himself to travelling the length of the UK, speaking in Rehab centres, prisons, at training days, team meetings, seminars and Christian rallies. If you would like Stuart to speak at any event. please contact him through his Publisher: Tina Walford, at: The Old Curiosity Bookshop, 115 Loughborough Road, Hathern, LE12 5HZ. Tel: 0773 773 8018, Email: Website:


Available direct from the bookshop and on Lulu and will shortly be live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ingram for worldwide distribution. Call in to the Bookshop Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 7pm, message us on Facebook here

or email us direct here:

The Recovery Poet Coffee & Cake

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