What Charity Shops Do with Books



Recycling books is a great idea for making space for new ones and supporting your favourite Charity by taking them a load of books is a great idea. but do you know what happens to them after you walk away?

Books they keep

They keep all the fiction paperbacks and hardbacks and sort through to find the best-looking glossy coffee-table books on fashion, cookery, cars and gardening. All the rest are put in a box to await the weekly visit of the ‘Pulp Man’. (Please see a mental image of the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

All the non-fiction and old books, as well as the water, damaged wobbly ones, the pages falling out and the ones with covers missing or damaged, and all the old, brown sheet music. He pays by the Kilo and takes them away to be pulped and turned into recycled packaging materials.

Yes, things like egg boxes, cardboard boxes, and the grey looking moulded cardboard pieces that nestle your new computer or coloured take-away food trays. Your eggs could be nestled in the pages of Homer or Shakespeare right now!

New owners are found

The Old Curiosity Bookshop is a place of rescue and foster care for the old and unloved non-fiction varieties. We rescue them from their fate with the evil ‘Pulp Man’ and find them all new homes, where they will be admired and loved once again. We have many Teachers, University Lecturers, Music Teachers, Musicians, Undergrads, collectors and working professionals who pop in regularly looking for these titles.

We sell them for you on commission

Please do continue to take books to your favourite Charity shop, but only the fiction paperbacks and glossy cookery books. Please bring all your non-fiction, sheet music and old books in to us and you will be rewarded with tea and cake for all books that sell in the shop for £1 or £2. Books with a value of £5 to £50, we will sell for you on Amazon and eBay (as well as in the shop) for a 70-30 split (You get 70% after selling fees) and any books with a greater value we will take to Auction for you for a 70-30 split after fees.

You will be entered into our Commission sales book and each book is listed with its selling price and date of sale. When you pop in to the shop next, we will check on sales and then pay out your 70% on any books sold which you sign for in the book. Easy!

When and How

You can bring books in any day from Tuesday to Saturday, from 8am to 7pm. Park in the couple of spaces behind the shop or in the side street.

What Charity Shops Do with Books

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