What We Do

What we do


We have books on all non-fiction subjects, as well as a children’s section, sheet music, vintage paperbacks, fiction novels and a wide range of puzzle books.

Most books are pre-owned, but many are new copies with a special shelf for books by local authors. We have many out-of-print titles with a large selection of 1st Editions and author-signed copies for collectors.

Specialist subjects are social history, politics and military history, transport and buses, westerns, crime, film and theatre, martial arts, WW2, art, literature and poetry. But many other subjects are included, so pop in or contact us to ask about any specialist genre.


Our 15 years of experience as an Amazon and eBay seller mean we can sell your valuable books for you on commission or buy your novels, sheet music and organ music as a job lot.


If you are looking for an out-of-print book, we can find a copy for you to collect, or post to your door – worldwide. Books in any language can be found for you, anywhere in the world, from the Author’s name or title. We recently found a 1st Edition of Guns and Ammo Magazine in USA and a book written by a customer’s Grandfather in Austria in 1946 in German language in a bookshop in Delhi India. Both for happy customers.


We can copy or scan any document and print off School work, College Assignments or University Theses from a USB stick or via email. Printing in both colour and black & white, as desired.

Printing CV’s, job applications, invitations, accounts, legal papers, round-robin letters for your christmas cards, parcel delivery labels, book lists, or shopping lists. The printer is on from 8am to 7pm, so never miss a deadline again.


The Tea Room contains an ever-changing art exhibition with original oil on canvas, framed prints and iconic posters. We display art created by local Artists for sale and sell framed pictures for you on commission.

If you’re an Artist looking for gallery space, we will feature your work for a month at no charge and take a small commission on any sales. Contact us to book as we are usually booked up for 6 months ahead.


The shop features a revolving selection of Designers, Crafters and Artisans displaying their hand-crafted and unique gift items. They include vintage sweets and fudge, beautiful lined bags, sterling silver and Swarovski jewelry, jams and chutneys, purses and wallets, bunting and unique greetings cards.

So no need to go into town for that last minute gift…


Cabinets in the Bookshop & Tea Room contain an interesting assortment of militaria, coins, postcards and ephemera such as old photographs, 1st edition stamps, Masonic jewels, Trade Union and Miners Union badges.

We accept all types of Militaria and can buy it from you or sell it for you on commission. We can value old coins, postcards and badges and have a valuation expert who pops in once-a-week to provide written valuation. We also have a specialist Bladesmith on hand who can restore & repair ceremonial or military swords & daggers and Masonic Regalia.