Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight - Henry Williamson

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Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight  - Henry Williamson

A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight. Consisted of a total of fifteen volumes 'The Dark Lantern', 'Donkey Boy', 'Young Phillip Maddison', 'How Dear is Life', 'A Fox Under my Cloak', 'The Golden Virgin', 'Love and the Loveless', 'A Test to Destruction', 'The Innocent Moon', 'It was the Nightingale', 'The Power of the Dead', 'The Phoenix Generation', 'A Solitary War', 'Lucifer Before Sunrise' and 'The Gale of the World'.

Now out of print, these titles are a mix of Hardbacks and paperbacks, some First Editions and they are getting hard to find, so selling as individual titles to enable you to complete your missing titles. Prices include UK postage.

Williamson's celebrated semi-autobiographical sequence of fifteen novels which explore the fortunes of one family during the first half of the twentieth century covering both World Wars and beyond.  They are all FICTION NOVELS but set in historically accurate settings. based on the personal experience of the Author from a young boy to a man through these times. Titles, and value of each book follows, with a pack price as a collection.  Will be send by SIGNED Courier Delivery Free of charge 

  • The Dark Lantern 1994 
  • Donkey Boy 1962 paperback 
  • It was the Nightingale 1965 Paperback 
  • The Power of the Dead 1966 Paperback 
  • The Phoenix Generation 1967 Paperback 
  • A Solitary War 1969 Paperback 
  • Lucifer Before Sunrise 1967 1st Edition Hardback 
  • The Gale of the World 1969 1st Edition (Ex Libris) 
  • PLUS Henry Williamson And The First World War - Biograpgy written by Anne Williamson, his Sister. 2004 Paperback

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